R3VLimited + E30CCA


Finally! We’ve had this brewing for quite some time now, and we’re extremely excited to announce that R3VLimited and the E30 Chapter of the BMWCCA are now working together to ensure the longevity of E30 chassis documentation, discussion, and general information. You may be wondering, what is the benefit to this, and why? If you’ve been on any internet forum as of late, you’ll notice that the general vibe is less than the years past. Interaction in threads, updating builds, new builds, etc is just not what it was. R3VLimited is special in that it is the literal hub for all the best information there is for the E30 chassis. We want to ensure that the functionality and usefulness will be maintained for many years to come, and all of that sitting under the official BMW crest. This partnership solidifies that, and we can’t be any more stoked about it.

Our Goals

-Cross posting the best threads to our website for engine swaps, retrofits, and performance upgrades
-Taking the best DIY’s R3V has to offer, and making them permanent on our site. This will allow you to Google search, and immediately find the information you want
-Fixing broken tutorials and technical discussion media (cough Photobucket cough) and expanding on new knowledge
-Enhancing Car of the Month and Thread of the Month for more exposure
-Tie all of us together through social media. You literally cannot miss us no matter where you browse to
-Official online promotion of your local BMW/Vintage car club meets or crew

Of course, we are open to anything to make the experience better, so dont hold back if you have an opinion here. Let it be known – this venture exists to serve the greater community as a whole, not us!

If you have any feature recommendations, or general comments on anything, please drop us a line at contact@e30chapter.com.


E30 Chapter – Treasurer

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